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Short term car insurance

There is, at long last, a choice of whether or not to accept the standard 12 month car insurance package; now you have the option of buying anything from one single day's right up to 8 month's cover. You can find more info about short term car insurance at www.e-personals.info

Understanding a UK Car Insurance Policy

Insurance policies may be complex and difficult for policyholders to understand fees and coverage terms, particularly with such varied products on the market as yearly policies, monthly car insurance, and even one day car insurance is available.. Consequently, people may inadvertently purchase policies with less than favourable terms. To counteract this from happening, many countries have enacted regulations and statutes to govern the insurance industry. Such regulations cover how policies are marketed and sold.

Plain English Policies

Policies today are frequently written in plain English to minimize ambiguity. When policies are not plainly written and contain ambiguous content, the courts often interpret policies in favour of policyholders rather than insurance providers.

Policy Agents

Insurance providers include brokers, agents, and independent consultants. Institutions seeking insurance often obtain policies through an insurance broker. A broker typically contracts with an assortment of insurance carriers, and can consequently obtain an assortment of rates and coverage. The broker often receives a commission from the insurance premium. Thus, it is in the buyer's best interest to be aware of this fact. Although the broker appears to represent the policyholder, the broker may encourage a person to obtain more insurance than necessary to earn a higher commission against the higher premium.

An insurance agent works directly for an insurance company. Thus, not only is the range of insurance less wide than with a broker, the agent for an insurance company has the interests of the insurance company as primary over any claimant.

Unlike the broker, who earns a commission, the insurance independent consultant provides operates under a fee for service. The advice is similar to that of an attorney in that it is independent of the financial conflict that constrains brokers and agents. Consultants will network with brokers and agents to secure insurance for clients.

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